5 Basic Static Stretches All Runners ‘Could’ Do

These static (non-movement) stretches are best performed after exercise. They will not work for everyone as there is no one size fits all approach to stretching but they ‘could’ work for you. These stretches help to ease tightness in the muscles post workout and help to increase flexibility and range of motion. Dynamic (movement) stretches are best performed during the warm up phase, the stretches below ‘could’ hinder performance and are unlikely to protect you from injury.

Key points

  • Do not overstretch
  • Hold for 10-15 Seconds.
  • Perform each stretch 2-3 times


 Hamstring Stretch

  • On one knee
  • One leg extended, avoid bend in this knee.
  • Gently reach for toes, don’t overstretch if you can’t reach them.
  • Look after you back, avoid hunching too much.


Groin Stretch

  • On one knee gently push through.
  • Keep front foot flat on floor.
  • Use hands for support.

IMG_0255 Quadricep Stretch

  • Sit on floor with both legs out in front.
  • Gently pull one leg from the ankle under and to the side of the glutes.
  • Gently pull until you can feel it on the quads.
  • If not feeling it, stretch slowly lean further back at the hips until it stretches.


Lower back, core and chest stretch

  • Lie flat facing floor then gently lift up onto straight arms.
  • Do not come up too quickly.
  • Also lower gently.
  • Keep legs straight and toes touching floor.

IMG_0261 Calf Stretch

  • Get into press up position.
  • Place one foot over top of the other.
  • Keep working leg straight and heel on floor.
  • Raise or lower hips until you feel a stretch on calf.
  • Alternatively, push arms/hands against a wall.

Remember these stretches are best performed post workout or as a separate flexibility session when muscles are warmed up. They should be performed properly to achieve best results. Do get in touch if you are not sure and I will gladly help.