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What is your reason to run? What is your reason for exercise? Or maybe you’ve lost it…

Maybe your reason is to maintain fitness or lose weight. Maybe it is to run further or faster. Maybe it is even to boost mood and self-esteem. Whatever your reasons, do you ever run or exercise simply for the pure enjoyment of it? Find out more here…

Are You Sitting Too Much? Could Sitting Making You ‘Resistant’ to the Benefits of Exercise?

Are you sitting comfortably? Good. Have a think, in a typical day how long do you spend sitting down? Find out more here…

8 Steps to a Speedier Recovery 

How to recover sooner following an intense run (fast/speed workout or long run). Find out here…

Couch to 5 What? No, I Can’t Do That…

Taking up running or exercise can seem daunting and scary. Especially if you feel out of shape, unfit and intimidated by others.

BUT it doesn’t have to be… Read More

7 Different Types of Running Workouts

What type of run do you do when you say, “you’re going for a run?” Most people tend to stick to their usual route, pace, and distance and ultimately feel like they are not getting anywhere. Try to mix up your runs with the examples below to give you some great benefits. Read more… 

Run in the Sun – ‘Do I, Don’t I?’

Hottest summer on record? Every year we get told it is going to be the hottest since records began. Great news for planning BBQs but it can make running rather tricky. Many people will retreat to the air-conditioned gym treadmill or neglect their run altogether – this doesn’t have to be the case. Consider these tips and you can enjoy your run or even walk in the sun. Read more… 

Four steps to more efficient, lower impact running technique

Whether you are just beginning or preparing for your next event it could help you to run better and healthier:

1. Posture – Straight and tall or slouching and hunched, are the arms rotating or free flowing back and forward. If you are…

Ditch the roads, Ditch the tech – just run for the sheer joy of it!


Running is one of the fastest growing sports worldwide. It is a cheap and simple sport, yet it is becoming increasingly complicated and expensive. People spend hundreds, even thousands, on the latest ‘buzz-word’ trainers, purpose made clothing, technology that tracks and monitors every aspect of your run (apart from the fun element), subscribe to every possible magazine, website and app, buy the latest protein and electrolyte shakes, gels and supplements. But all running actually comes down, to is getting out there and putting one front in front of the other.

Could your running shoes be causing you injuries and damaging your feet?


The human foot is an anatomical masterpiece. It’s designed for stability, speed, and to get you from point A to point B. It is extremely powerful and can withstand a huge amount of force and stress, especially when running and exercising. Running shoe brands are constantly changing, bringing out new styles, technologies and using marketing buzzwords such as speed, cushioning and support which can often contradict and confuse us. But are these shoes actually doing our human foot any favours?

Run your first (or fastest) 5K

A5K is the perfect target for new runners to set their sights on. It doesn’t require months and months of hard training and the distance is manageable and not too daunting. The goal could be simply just to cross that finish line or to achieve a particular time goal.

Even if you have earnt your first medal, many runners want to jump up in race distance too quickly. Why not become completely comfortable with the distance before trying to move up? It’ll increase your fitness and your confidence to progress. Read more…

Exercise and 5 Common Nutrition Deficiencies

A nutritional deficiency could be affecting your lifestyle and performance. Look out for the signs and stay in top shape

One of the most common signs is a reduction in energy and an increase perceived effort to train. Another is being more susceptible to illnesses and taking longer to recover between training sessions. It is vital to eat a wide variety of unprocessed foods, consume enough calories to meet energy and nutrient needs.

Having a well-balanced diet helps your body stay healthy, you know that, but here are the most common deficiencies to be aware of. Read More…

Too Old, Too Overweight, What’s stopping YOU?


Can you remember the last time you ran a single step? You may look back, not too fondly, at your school cross country days or your dread of PE lessons at the thought of exercise. These memories may have developed into you casting doubts about whether running is for you. Below are 4 of the most common barriers why people excuse themselves for starting their running journey, with an insight of how to overcome them.

I’m Too Old…

Read More

Winter Exercise Motivation – 10 Tips to help you get out that door.


Winter is in full swing. Dark cold wet windy mornings and evenings make an easy excuse for not exercising. For even the most serious fitness fans; motivation can be hard to come by. Instead of getting out the door after a long day at work you opt for a warm comfy sofa. Or, when that alarm goes off, it’s cold out and you’re safely tucked under the covers, the mental discussion begins: get up and exercise or stay in bed and have the day off? Read More


Why getting the correct foot strike can reduce your injury chances.

85% of novice runners incur an injury in a given year. A recent study has found that shortening…Read More

Sept 2018 – Are you able to get enough exercise?

How to prepare for the ‘long run’

Achieving the governments guidelines of 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise a week is not always easy. We all lead busy hectic lives and we can struggle to fit exercise into our daily routine. Don’t be put off by the huge amount of...Read More

June 2018 – Running and Weight Loss

A general rule when it comes to running is that you can run more efficiently when you are considered to be at the low end of a healthy weight.

How can I lose weight without compromising performance?

Click Here to find out 6 ways you can lose weight but still run effectively 

June 2018 – Runner’s Core Strength Exercises

Core, core, core. Everyone seems to speak about the core being the key to improving running becoming faster and fitter. But what is all the fuss about? Is it really that important? And how do I improve my core strength? Read more…

May 2018 –  Chia Seeds: Superfood or Normalfood

Superfoods are all the rage and are meant to get as many of them as possible into our daily diets. Chia seeds are in this bracket and their popularity is rising amongst the health conscious especially us runners. But are they all what is cracked up to be? Read More

May 2018 – Hay fever – don’t let it spoil your run!

High pollen season is approaching.  Lighter warmer days encourage us to get outside. But do you often find yourself sneezing, sniffling, eyes itching whilst out trying to enjoy the summer runs? You are not alone. The UK has one of the highest hay fever prevalence rates in the world. 25% of people suffer with hay fever, that’s about 10million people in England. Read More…

Book Recommendation: I recently read ‘Run or Die’ by Killian Jornet on holiday and I recommend everyone to have a read. It will certainly resonate with all runners out there. He is one incredible runner, just have a google of some of the things he has achieved.
This book will have you wanting …. Read more

March 2018 – Marathon Advice

The spring marathons are just around the corner but don’t worry, you will have done most of your hard training. That’s the easy part, the last few weeks before the marathon are the ones that matter. The ones where you need to maintain discipline to be at your very best when you are standing there on that start line.

Here is some guidance that will help you prepare in the last few weeks to peak on race day so that you can give it your all and still enjoy it! Read More…

March 2018 – Eat to Run

It has long been thought that exercise and running gives you the licence to eat (and drink) whatever you want. But, things are changing. If you simply want to exercise, eat want you want and enjoy life then there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, if you are the person who wants to push themselves, run further, ran faster, lose weight then you need to consider how you are fuelling your body… Read More

February 2018 – Be Strong To Run Not Just Fit To Run

We all love to just run. But that just isn’t enough anymore. Whether you are a seasoned runner chasing new personal bests or just a social runner who likes getting out with friends. Injury could be just around the corner if your body is not strong enough to cope with stress that running puts your body through.

It is likely that you have one leg stronger than the other…Read More

February 2018 – Race Season Is Upon Us

Race season is upon us. Whether you are a seasoned runner or about to take on your very first race, the lead up and the day itself can be quite stressful. You’ve trained hard for this and made sacrifices. You want to ensure that when you are stood on the race line you are calm, healthy and able to do your best. Here are a few tips and remainders that will help you be as prepared as possible for when that starting gun goes off. Read More

January 2018 – Run for life

Now January over, every gym has offered everything in order to get you through their doors. But how long will that motivation last? Until the end of February maybe?

Exercise is not meant to be fun. Or, is it? Read More

December 2017 – What’s so great about running?

You may say you’re no runner or you’re not built to run. Actually you are. Humans are built to run. Our bodies are well equipped with long legs, short toes, springy ligaments and a distinct lack of fur. All of which gives us that edge to run further than our mammal friends. We are born to run. Read More