Book Recommendation: Run or Die by Killian Jornet

IMG_1106I recently read ‘Run or Die’ by Killian Jornet on holiday and I recommend everyone to have a read. It will certainly resonate with all runners out there. He is one incredible runner, just have a google of some of the things he has achieved.
This book will have you wanting to get your trainers on and out the door to get exploring new routes, goals and ambitions.
A couple of my favourite quotes are:
“The goal my be a vertical mile, or an ultra-trail, or a marathon, but it can also be about playing a piece of music, finishing a painting, solving a theory, or carrying out research. The result isn’t important, but rather the path you must take to get there.”
“It isn’t about overcoming a rival in these last few yards, after so many hours of solitude, but rather about proving to myself that I am capable of giving my best, of telling my body that it can still run fast, that I can reach the finish line content, knowing that I couldn’t have put even one more ounce of energy into it.”