Here is an overview of my prices.

IF you are not sure of anything then please feel free to drop me a message and I will gladly help… CONTACT HERE

Race Packages – ideal for runners’ training for a specific event (more info here)

Number of 1 hour sessions Paid in InstalmentsPaid Upfront
6 £240£200 – 1 session FREE
8 £320£280 – 1 session FREE
12 £480£400 – 2 sessions FREE
16£640£560 – 2 sessions FREE

FREE In depth Gait Analysis with every race package.

Bespoke TRAINING PLAN included with every Race Package

Individual Sessions – ideal for GAIT Analysis, Youth Sessions, Runners’ not needing a training plan

Individual Sessions
1 sessionBlock of 5Block of 8Block of 10 (1 session FREE)
30 Minutes£25£125£200£225
45 minutes£30£150£240£270
1 Hour£35£175£280£315
Paired Sessions available at same price – you can split the cost.
Online Coaching/Training Plans
Plans last up to 12 weeks. If goal exceeds this, top ups may be needed

Couch to 5k Package – £150

Beginner’s Running Programme – ONLY £175 – Save £25

Running Strength Programme 
Programme and exercise demonstration£40
Emailed Programme£25
30 min Exercise demo only£20

Note: Where travel times exceed 30mins (1 way) an extra charge may be given or an option to meet half way.