Coaching Services

I offer a vast range to suit your needs, goals and ambition.

All services are flexible and personalised to suit you.

Areas of coaching:

  • Technique assessment and development
  • Speed work
  • Strength and Movement Training
  • MFR (myofascial release e.g. foam rolling)
  • Structure training to get quicker or run further – training plans
  • GAIT Analysis – a proper one not a shop one
  • Running nutrition and hydration advice/strategies
  • Motivation
  • Return to running from injury
  • Trail running

These areas can be covered in different formats. Take a look around my website to find what suits you. If you are unsure or cannot find what you are looking for do drop me a quick message and I will gladly help.

Race Packages – designed for those with a target race in mind

Individual Sessions – ideal for those wanting to work on a specific area (i.e strength or technique) but not focus on a specific race or timeframe

Online Coaching and Training Plans

Gait Analysis