Things my clients say

I was lucky enough to get a lottery place for the NYC Marathon. I asked Alex to help me as I’d run a marathon before, but my previous two attempts had resulted in over-training and burnout before I even made it to the start line. Alex created a bespoke training plan for me lasting over six months. We had regular sessions every three to four weeks to check in how the training was going and discuss any changes needed, and being able to run the marathon was never in doubt. He was also able to help with some movement and injury-prevention exercises, which were particularly useful in the last couple of weeks before the race. Noel – completed New York Marathon November 2022

I’ve been running for a while & this year got a place in the London Marathon, I decided I needed to get some help & advice. Although a little apprehensive about using a coach, straight away Alex put me at ease, from offering advice to improve my running, exercises to support it together with a training plan & lots of encouragement which got me to end of the marathon. I would have no hesitation in recommending Alex to anyone looking for a coach to help them achieve their running goals. Thank you AlexDiane – London Marathon Oct 2022

From being a part-time runner to making my dream come true of Finishing the London Marathon in October 2022,I am so grateful to Alex, who on first contact was welcoming, extremely knowledgeable and created a personalised training plan that got me to that finish line! Thank you for the support and making me believe that I could achieve this. I have been totally inspired to keep running – I would highly recommend Alex as a coach. Clare-Anne F – London Marathon Oct 2022

Thank you so much, Alex, for your help and advice. As soon as you talked me through the videos of my running style, I understood what needed to be done to improve my technique. Without your advice, I would have carried on not knowing any better. I am very grateful for your help, I only wish I had used you much earlier in my career.

I would highly recommend you to any football or sports team, the benefits a team would gain per season from your help would be almost incalculable. Craig, footballer, Sept 2022

Hi Alex,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for all the fantastic work you’ve done and continue to do with Jake.  Not only did you significantly improve his fitness and turn him into one of fastest players on his rugby team, but when he took the decision to leave rugby and focus on his karting and compete in the BIKC, you were so supportive and changed his training plan to align to the physical demands of racing, which he’s already seeing the benefits from.

Thanks again for everything you’re doing.

I started working with Alex in early 2021 in a bid to prepare for my first ever Marathon in October.  Alex’s help was invaluable in analysing and correcting my running gait to avoid injuries in the first instance.  We then plotted out a manageable plan to work towards the Marathon goal with a 20 week build, with Alex providing guidance and regular sessions along the way to achieve my Marathon completion.

Without Alex’s knowledge and experience I highly doubt I would have made it to the start line, let alone the finish line.  I would recommend him to any level of runner that seeks improvement and long-term guidance. Phil – Completed first Marathon Manchester 2021

Having spent 30 years on the road, staying away two and three nights a week in hotels, I finally paid the price for my unhealthy corporate lifestyle: four years ago, I had a serious bleed within my right eye, which took me about a year to recover from. 

Being a man of “a certain age”, the doctor strongly recommended I overhaul my lifestyle by implementing a better diet and more regular exercise.  After I got clearance to start exercising, I began running at a very slow pace (15-minute mile pace) and for increasing distances over a period of about a year.  Even though I was running slowly, I kept feeling pain in my knees, and injured my ITB in a charity 5k.  I suspected the continuing injuries were something to do with my running gait, and I Googled running coaches near me. 

I am so glad I found Alex.  Within an hour of meeting, he had analysed and suggested a correction to my gait, and I changed immediately how I ran.  I have had no further knee issues since, despite significantly increasing my weekly mileage and running pace, over the last year.  

At our first meeting we discussed my running goals, and I was surprised to hear myself say that I wanted to run a marathon.  He suggested that I run the Chester marathon and offered further coaching to help me achieve it, including creating a plan for me and training with me.  In our regular training sessions together, Alex showed me that there were different types of runs beyond simply jogging very slowly for varying distances!  

I thoroughly enjoyed my first ever race, and I was delighted to finish the Chester 2021 marathon in 3:53 at the grand old age of 58.  With three stone in weight lost since I started running and with all the running training and gym work in the bank, I woke up the following morning with no pain or stiffness – only a big smile on my face!

I have booked two more marathons in 2022, and Alex has agreed to continue kicking my ass on the trails in Appleton to get me ready again.  I strongly recommend Alex’s services.

Having never ran more than 10km before and then signing up to my first half marathon I knew I needed the guidance of an experienced running coach. I came across Alex online and from his excellent website got in touch. Alex did a great initial session with me and altered my running technique within a few minutes and gave me some solid advice going forward. He then sorted my training plan which really changed my approach to running and gave great support throughout the 12 weeks with catch ups over text and phone which was very important especially when I picked up a few injuries. He supported me and helped me to a sub 2 hours half marathon smashing two of my goals we set together. Thanks Alex. I can’t wait to set some new goals in the future and look forward to working with you again. Ajay – completed first Half Marathon – Manchester 2021

My sister and I signed up with Alex to help prepare ourselves for our forthcoming marathons. Alex taught us how to improve our technique which definitely helped with a niggling foot injury I had.
 The sessions were fun and varied to include lots of strength and conditioning work which I’d always neglected in the past. We received an easy to follow week by week training plan which certainly helped keep us on track. 
We have both successfully completed our marathons now and couldn’t recommend Alex highly enough.
Deb – Completed Manchester Marathon 2021/ Sarah – completed London Marathon 2021

I’m so glad I came across Alex after gaining my place at the London Marathon. I was at a loss with all the online training plans available and as someone who just went out and ran I wanted some structure and guidance as to getting to the start line injury free/confident I could complete the distance.

The plan was bespoke to me and helped me to achieve a sub 4hr marathon. With Alex on hand every step of the way for guidance and support. I can now use the tools I have been provided with to be my own running coach.

I can definitely recommend to someone who has a race coming up or who may be stuck in a rut and looking for direction or progression.

I will definitely be using Alex again at some point in the future. Tom – Completed London Marathon Oct 2021

Becky plays netball to a high standard and wanted to focus on improving her speed off the mark and running style. We arranged weekly sessions with Alex who was extremely flexible and able to accommodate her availability. Becky enjoyed the hard work in her sessions, encouraged by Alex who varied the exercises to keep it interesting.  Becky quickly saw the results of Alex’s training and was able to put his suggestions into action from the off. Her improvements were noticed by others and she picked up the “Most Improved” player award for this season and, in August, her team became U14 national netball champions. We can’t thank Alex enough for his hard work and we would readily recommend him to anyone looking to improve their running style and speed. Louise – mum of young Netballer Sep 2021

‘Thank you so much for working with Becky- we all really appreciate it. The last few months would have been hard if she didn’t have your sessions twice a week. She came on both physically and mentally and has gone back to training tonight with a spring in her step…

I initially contacted Alex in Sept 2020 as my 16 year old daughter had lost fitness during lockdown and was struggling at her athletics club. He immediately identified that she needed to do a slight modification to her running style which was corrected fairly quickly. He then worked on her physical strength and endurance over the next few months which has been fantastic during the most recent lockdown with no club training sessions. Alex was very patient but at the same time encouraged her to do far more than she would otherwise have done. This has meant that she is now returning to training fit, full of confidence and really enjoying her running.’ Sarah – mum of athlete Mar 2021

I started working with Alex at the beginning of the year 2020 after getting sessions bought for me as a Christmas present as I was keen to start running. I was a novice runner who needed some guidance on technique and how to plan my distance and timings. Alex took the time on improving my technique with videos of me which I could watch and see what I needed to correct within each session. I wanted to eventually be able to run 10km, a distance which I thought I would never be able to achieve. With a monthly session with Alex he devised a plan for me to follow with 3 runs a week on different increased distances. I stuck to the plan and gradually could see and feel an improvement with both my speed and strength. Alex always takes his time to explain and always makes you feel at ease, he is very patient and is very encouraging in each session. I can now run 10km and I’m looking at entering my first 10km race which is all down to the expertise and training from Alex. Thanks, Vicki Dec 2020

My children are both very keen on all sports and have been training with Alex for the past year. His sessions are a highlight of their week.  Alex keeps them both motivated through challenging drills by mixing things up and introducing a fun, competitive element, whilst pushing them physically to be the best they can be. Being a former teacher Alex really understands children and what makes them tick and easily commands their respect. I have seen both children improve in fitness, agility and endurance. The skills they have developed with Alex have also helped them become stronger in other sports including hockey, netball, football and rugby. Alex turns up organised and early for every session, in all weathers and always with a smile! I can’t recommend him highly enough. Sue, Nov 2020

“Do you remember when you first came over to get me out running last March, I said that my goal was to run to the house at Tatton..well FINALLY MADE IT !!! I have attached a photo of me and my 13 year old. It’s taken a while and been slow progress. I am not a natural runner but I have kept up with it and now can do 5k easily and I am so proud of that at aged 50, juggling a family and work. When we first went out I couldn’t even run for a minute without having to stop. So I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU  for getting me out there. I really appreciate it all. I play tennis and my fitness is much improved. I really notice that. I take my boys out running and we have a great time. I haven’t yet made a park run but I might do this summer. It’s been great. Please feel free to share my message on any social media or your website to encourage all to get out there. Thanks again. I wouldn’t have got out there if it hadn’t been for you.” CAROLE – FEB 2020

“I received a package of coaching sessions with Alex for my birthday, and it was definitely one of my favourite ever presents. Alex took the time to learn about my goals and provided useful feedback I could adopt immediately in my running. Every week was different and gave me the confidence to try new techniques while out running on my own, for example different speed work and approaches to interval training. Would highly recommend, and hope to come back to Alex for some more coaching in the future.”

Zoe – Nov 2019

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Alex has much improved his 5k, 10k half marathon times before going on to complete his very first marathon. In under 4 hours he completed Chester Marathon 2019 – a great running journey. Delighted with his progress, hard work and dedication – one proud coach! 

rxYzKibyTeqaKZ2952ZCJA Another incredible journey from Mark. He has much developed his running technique, speed and strength. Half Marathon PB’s and completed his very first Marathon sub 4 hours at Chester Marathon 2019. 

IMG_1532 Andrew has continued to improve his running technique and efficiency getting stronger and faster. Great achievement in completing his first marathon, sub 4 hours, at Loch Ness Marathon 2019. 

  • Trust the process! I started jogging in February 2018 to help me lose weight and completed the couch to 5k app in May of that year. I soon realised that I loved it and wanted to improve and be able to jog/run further. After losing 6 stone and completing my first 10k event I contacted Alex in April 2019 to see if he could help with my running form and to get me ready to run my first half marathon in September!

    He developed an 18 week plan for me and with his guidance and a few tweaks along the way I successfully completed my first half marathon in not only a faster time than I had set myself but felt strong throughout and my recovery has been good too!  The plan also helped me to achieve a 5K and 10K PB during the training.

    Overall I am VERY happy with my plan and the service Alex offered and would highly recommend him to other runners.

    Thanks, Jo

  • Having never run since being in High School, Alex’s c25k 8 week programme gave me the motivation to give it a go. Even after 8 weeks I am continuing my running on a weekly basis trying to improve my times. Life changing!
  • I had the pleasure of working with Alex for some months prior to running the London Marathon this year. I’ve been running for a few years now at various distances but have always struggled with niggling injuries which have led to inconsistency. Firstly, Alex monitored my running style and helped me improve, moving from heel striking to a much more efficient mid foot position. We worked on stamina, core strength and a whole host of things I hadn’t even considered. Alex put together a flexible training plan for me which took into consideration when and how often I could run and my original fitness levels.  Alex’s support proved invaluable, giving me confidence, improving my technique, sharing knowledge to help get my fuelling right and prompting me to consider the importance of my diet in the days leading up to races. I successfully completed the marathon not only in a time I was proud of but strong, injury free, confident and was recovered and back to work the following day. I am certain that Alex’s support and guidance contributed towards my success and would have no hesitation recommending him to runners of all levels. Thanks Alex!   Phil – Completed first London Marathon (April 2019)


  • May 2019 – This year i decided to bite the bullet and run a marathon.  To add extra pressure I obtained a place for the Paris marathon so i had a lot of preparation to do both mentally and physically.  Having tried a variety of running groups and sessions i had found they just weren’t for me and approached Alex to help.  From the start Alex helped me by setting achievable goals and providing me with a training plan that fit into my busy life without having to give up anything else i enjoyed such as kayaking and cycling.  I was really pleased how he was able to tailor and adapt the plan to accommodate injuries and my totally irrational panics about milage on a weekly basis without feeling like i was falling behind.  He always ensured i kept my goal in sight and was able to provide me with support and advice around nutrition, logistics as well as running.  Inevitably anxiety kicked in but Alex kindly provided me with reassurance, support and learning from his own experience which really helped me rationalise the tasks ahead.  In the end i ran the marathon a lot faster than planned and a lot more comfortably than i had anticipated.  I cannot thank Alex enough for helping me prepare and i feel ready to tackle the next race.  Thank you!!  – Tammy, Completed her first Marathon (Paris Marathon)
  • May 2019 – Great and very personable coach. Provided me with the training to improve my running style to maximise efficiency and minimise injuries and a plan to get me to where I would like to be. Three months in we are well ahead of schedule. Price wise it feels reasonable and definitely worth the money- have seen real and substantial improvement by getting a pro to plan my training. Would highly recommend to runners of every level, from entry level couch to 5k runners to experienced runners looking to improve their game. Barry
  • Alex worked with my 14year old son for 12 weeks

He was playing centre forward in his local team and was struggling with heal pain issues, general fitness and particularly speed. This was having a huge effect on his confidence. We decided he needed some help and support.

From his first session with Alex my son knew that there was a solution to his problems. Alex reassured him that with some hard work and commitment he would be able to get the best out of him. The sessions over the 12 weeks were demanding and not easy. Alex ensured my son the hard work would pay off.

We started to see the difference from week 4/5 he had more energy, wanted to go out running on his own, was increasing his overall speed. By week 8 Alex stepped up the work working on core strength and my sons confidence was growing. Even his younger brother wanted to join in now!

Alex was great with both my sons, always explained why, encouraged but also had no issues saying if he thought more effort could be given.

Thanks Alex for breathing confidence into my son we would have no doubt about working with you again in the future if required.

Kind regards


  • March 2019 – After a hiatus in running I desperately wanted to get back into it. Joining one of Alex’s Couch to 5k group seemed the ideal way to start. It was, and I successfully completed the 5k with a lot of encouragement from Alex. Nice guy, knowledgeable and good price levels means I’ll be back for help to hit my next targets.

  • January 2019 – I contacted Alex to help my 14yr old daughter achieve a goal to run 5k! Alex gave her the confidence and support to reach this. I would highly recommend Alex he was punctual and professional throughout. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • January 2019 – I sought a coach looking to improve overall fitness and build confidence away from the treadmill to complement my love of walking & other activities. Despite being ‘outdoorsy’, running has always seemed that little bit too tough; I’d give up easily after losing my breath in the first five minutes. In early sessions we looked at technique and mixed in strength building exercises between running –  I felt encouraged to go further each time yet comfortable to walk when I needed it. I was surprised at how I progressed naturally with Alex’s help as opposed to it feeling like a dramatic, forced effort.  Before long we were taking more complex routes and mixing in plenty of off-road muddy trails – something I’d requested and Alex planned perfectly.  I booked a block of sessions which absolutely helped me stick with it and would definitely recommend. Going from nothing to 5k’s and even up to 10k through bumpy fields, uneven paths, and woodland was pretty unexpected.  I’m now running regularly on my own and with friends – even getting out on my birthday and Christmas day (!)  Thanks for building my both my fitness & confidence! I’ll be back 🙂
  • January 2019 – Alex helped me improve my technique, avoiding injury, great motivator. I am really pleased.
  • 22nd Oct – My daughter has been running with Alex now for a few months and the improvement we have seen is amazing. He is a fabulous coach and he has given her the determination and confidence to improve in her running and technique and she has represented her county this summer season – thank you Alex!
  • 5th July – I would recommend Alex to others wanting help to achieve a running goal. The training plan was great and also giving me easy exercises that I can do at home. For someone like me who hasn’t run before and needed the support and expert help, it was ideal.
  • 23rd June – I just wanted to say thanks so much for encouraging me to push myself harder the last few weeks. I just did another 5K PB without much trouble at all
  • 22nd June – So I managed to win an hour’s running coaching session with @acrunningandfitness and yesterday was the day. I’m the first to admit that I’m not a runner but I thoroughly enjoyed the session and was able to take away some information to assist me with my running. If you are in the Cheshire area and keen to improve (or start) your running I would recommend getting in touch. As you can see I managed to survive and was even smiling at the end #run #running #fitness #coaching #training

22nd June – Post Astbury Mere Couch to 5k Comments

  • Thank you so much for getting me through this, never thought in a million years I’d be able to complete 5k.
  • Really liked the encouraging but not pushy approach.
  • Thanks so much for your help and support Alex. I really am surprised that I managed to do it and I actually enjoy going out for a run now, so will definitely keep it up. I’ve signed up for the park on Saturday, which I never thought I’d be able to do, so thank you. It’s been lovely to meet other people and hope to catch up at other events.
  • Thanks Alex I have really enjoyed the past 8 weeks and am amazed at how far we have all come in such a short time. Definitely keeping going
  • Well done Alex. Would like to take part again.
  • Thank you! I didn’t think I could do it!
  • Excellent, great group, want to join a running group.
  • Thank you for helping me achieve 5k!
  • Really positive and encouraging.
  • Really supportive.

100% Enjoyed the programme – 100% would recommend the programme – 100% felt they benefited from taking part in the programmeIMG_1724.JPG

  • 14th Jun – Can’t believe that next week is week 8 and AstburyMere couch to 5K ( but not running) will be finished.I can’t say I found it easy, but I have amazed myself on how far I have come with lots of encouragement and time from Alex and a Little bit of my own determination.Tonight I just kept telling myself to keep my legs moving and I was convinced Alex had added a minute or 10 more, but he hadn’t. So week 7, I ran for 24 mins. Week 1 I couldn’t run for 1 minute. I am Asthmatic and over weight, but I turned up every week, did every homework, asked for help when I needed it. I have lost a pound a week and my asthma has improved I Never thought I would do it!! I am slow and it feels like an effort each week, but such a buzz when I run for longer each week. I got this far, so I’m going the whole 5K. Yes Next week it’s 5K night!!! I know I haven’t ran it yet, but I have already achieved so much and I know I will do it next week, as the Fizz is already on ice!! If Alex Cann does this again, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Thanks Alex
  • 21st May – “I’ve completed an initial assessment and a 5 session block of training with Alex.  He helped identify quickly some aspects of my running technique which has immediately helped me avoid the injuries to which I have been prone.  I’ve enjoyed working with Alex and to be able to train injury free has been in no small part down to his help – many thanks.”
  • 14th May – So thankful to you Alex, so patient with me. Brilliant Teacher!
  • 25th March – Although I have found it hard, I have really enjoyed it and proud of what we have all achieved with your support and guidance. Bring on the 10k!
  • 22nd February – how far I have truly come…only moaning after 5 miles today…feel great now. Thanks, your help is as always invaluable
  • 7th February – Omg what a killer sesh but really helped mentally and physically. Thanks for pushing me, I could never achieve any of this without
  • 1st February – Been feeling quite pleased with myself after this mornings session even if I did discover I’m really unfit! Thanks for your help this morning.
  • 31st January – “Thank you Alex for this mornings run at the Carrs Wilmslow, as a complete beginner, who lacks confidence with regards to running, you made me feel confident and really looking forward to next Wednesday’s session!”
  • Dec 18th –Ok today was my hm pace day and look what I’ve achieved! It was hard work but in 2 weeks you have taken me from 10:20mpm 08:55mpm !!! I’ve also hit 2 pb’s today for quickest ever mile and 5km.
  • Dec 9th – Feeling great, I’ve never ran so fast ! Thanks for keeping me going with ‘mind trick’ techniques ! 1 week in and I’m feeling great