Things my clients say

  • 22nd Oct – My daughter has been running with Alex now for a few months and the improvement we have seen is amazing. He is a fabulous coach and he has given her the determination and confidence to improve in her running and technique and she has represented her county this summer season – thank you Alex!
  • 5th July – I would recommend Alex to others wanting help to achieve a running goal. The training plan was great and also giving me easy exercises that I can do at home. For someone like me who hasn’t run before and needed the support and expert help, it was ideal. 


  • 23rd June – I just wanted to say thanks so much for encouraging me to push myself harder the last few weeks. I just did another 5K PB without much trouble at all


  • 22nd June – So I managed to win an hour’s running coaching session with @acrunningandfitness and yesterday was the day. I’m the first to admit that I’m not a runner but I thoroughly enjoyed the session and was able to take away some information to assist me with my running. If you are in the Cheshire area and keen to improve (or start) your running I would recommend getting in touch. As you can see I managed to survive and was even smiling at the end #run #running #fitness #coaching #training

22nd June – Post Astbury Mere Couch to 5k Comments

  • Thank you so much for getting me through this, never thought in a million years I’d be able to complete 5k.
  • Really liked the encouraging but not pushy approach.
  • Thanks so much for your help and support Alex. I really am surprised that I managed to do it and I actually enjoy going out for a run now, so will definitely keep it up. I’ve signed up for the park on Saturday, which I never thought I’d be able to do, so thank you. It’s been lovely to meet other people and hope to catch up at other events.
  • Thanks Alex I have really enjoyed the past 8 weeks and am amazed at how far we have all come in such a short time. Definitely keeping going
  • Well done Alex. Would like to take part again.
  • Thank you! I didn’t think I could do it!
  • Excellent, great group, want to join a running group.
  • Thank you for helping me achieve 5k!
  • Really positive and encouraging.
  • Really supportive.

100% Enjoyed the programme – 100% would recommend the programme – 100% felt they benefited from taking part in the programmeIMG_1724.JPG

  • 14th Jun – Can’t believe that next week is week 8 and AstburyMere couch to 5K ( but not running) will be finished.
    I can’t say I found it easy, but I have amazed myself on how far I have come with lots of encouragement and time from Alex and a Little bit of my own determination.
    Tonight I just kept telling myself to keep my legs moving and I was convinced Alex had added a minute or 10 more, but he hadn’t. So week 7, I ran for 24 mins. Week 1 I couldn’t run for 1 minute. I am Asthmatic and over weight, but I turned up every week, did every homework, asked for help when I needed it. I have lost a pound a week and my asthma has improved I Never thought I would do it!! I am slow and it feels like an effort each week, but such a buzz when I run for longer each week. I got this far, so I’m going the whole 5K. Yes Next week it’s 5K night!!! I know I haven’t ran it yet, but I have already achieved so much and I know I will do it next week, as the Fizz is already on ice!! If Alex Cann does this again, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Thanks Alex
  • 21st May – “I’ve completed an initial assessment and a 5 session block of training with Alex.  He helped identify quickly some aspects of my running technique which has immediately helped me avoid the injuries to which I have been prone.  I’ve enjoyed working with Alex and to be able to train injury free has been in no small part down to his help – many thanks.”


  • 14th May – So thankful to you Alex, so patient with me. Brilliant Teacher!


  • 25th March – Although I have found it hard, I have really enjoyed it and proud of what we have all achieved with your support and guidance. Bring on the 10k!


  • 22nd February – how far I have truly come…only moaning after 5 miles today…feel great now. Thanks, your help is as always invaluable


  • 7th February – Omg what a killer sesh but really helped mentally and physically. Thanks for pushing me, I could never achieve any of this without
  • 1st February – Been feeling quite pleased with myself after this mornings session even if I did discover I’m really unfit! Thanks for your help this morning.
  • 31st January – “Thank you Alex for this mornings run at the Carrs Wilmslow, as a complete beginner, who lacks confidence with regards to running, you made me feel confident and really looking forward to next Wednesday’s session!”
  • Dec 18th –Ok today was my hm pace day and look what I’ve achieved! It was hard work but in 2 weeks you have taken me from 10:20mpm 08:55mpm !!! I’ve also hit 2 pb’s today for quickest ever mile and 5km.
  • Dec 9th – Feeling great, I’ve never ran so fast ! Thanks for keeping me going with ‘mind trick’ techniques ! 1 week in and I’m feeling great