Technique Analysis – Speed Work – Strength Training – Trail Running – Or a Combination of everything

Sessions can cover just about anything you want. Here are some ways I have helped others and how I could help you:

  • Improve running form to reduce injury and improve speed
  • Run with you to increase distance and/or run quicker
  • Specific strength exercises and routines to boost performance
  • Introduce you to trail running and find local routes
  • Go through various dynamic and static stretches to improve flexibility and mobility
  • Design a personalised training plan to keep you focused and build towards your goals safely and effectively

Sessions can be done as Individual Sessions or as Part of a Race Package.

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Technique Analysis

It’s far more than just find out what type of trainers to buy.

I offer in depth Technique, Gait and foot analysis which can identify whether you are neutral, pronator or supinator. But it goes much further than that…

“I’ve completed an initial assessment and a 5 session block of training with Alex.  He helped identify quickly some aspects of my running technique which has immediately helped me avoid the injuries to which I have been prone.  I’ve enjoyed working with Alex and to be able to train injury free has been in no small part down to his help – many thanks.”

Brad, Triathlete

I can also spot weakness or imbalances elsewhere that could lead to injury in the future.

I can also offer ways to correct these weaknesses through strength training or technique development.

A Technique, Gait and foot analysis with technique development drills and strength exercises is only £30 and takes 1 hour.


FREE when you purchase any Race Package.

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