Gait Analysis


It’s far more than just find out what type of trainers to buy.

I offer in depth Gait and foot analysis which can identify whether you are neutral, pronator or supinator.

“I’ve completed an initial assessment and a 5 session block of training with Alex.  He helped identify quickly some aspects of my running technique which has immediately helped me avoid the injuries to which I have been prone.  I’ve enjoyed working with Alex and to be able to train injury free has been in no small part down to his help – many thanks.”

Brad, Triathlete

I can also spot weakness or imbalances elsewhere that could lead to injury in the future.

I can also offer ways to correct these weaknesses through strength training or technique development.

A Gait and foot analysis with technique development drills and strength exercises is only £25 and takes 1 hour.


FREE when you purchase any Race Package.

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