Too Old, Too Overweight, What’s stopping YOU?

Can you remember the last time you ran a single step? You may look back, not too fondly, at your school cross country days or your dread of PE lessons at the thought of exercise. These memories may have developed into you casting doubts about whether running is for you. Below are 4 of the most common barriers why people excuse themselves for starting their running journey, with an insight of how to overcome them.


I’m Too Old

You can be rewarded with the health and wellbeing benefits of running at any age. A study by University College London found that people who begin exercise in their 60s and 70s still gained significant health benefits. Movement can be a medicine providing it is done with the correct quantity. Ask you GP for advice before you begin, but don’t let your age stop you.


I’m Too Embarrassed

If you feel uncomfortable and self-conscious of exercising outdoors that is understandable. But ask yourself, do you judge others when they are running? Probably not. People are far too concerned with their own business as you run on by. Remember everyone has to start somewhere. If you are not quite ready to jump right in, some people like to run first thing or when it is under the cover of darkness. You will soon find your running confidence increasing


I’m Too Unfit

Don’t think about running non-stop on your first few outings, build up to this. Take your time, combine walking with running. Start with 1-minute intervals and gradually increase time running. Stay committed and over the weeks you will see great changes and progress in your fitness. Your energy levels will be boosted, and fatigue levels should reduce.


I’m Too Overweight

It is such a shame that so many people say they will start running when they lose some weight. Why wait? Done correctly and safely there is no danger of injury. Mix periods of walking and light jogging and gradually progress week to week. Keep the total distance low to start with; only aim to increase this by no more than 10 percent each week.


You are ready to embark on your running journey. It might sound daunting and unachievable right now; but with commitment and patience, your confidence will grow, and you will find your fitness, health and well-being improve. I have had the pleasure to see so many people make this journey and you too are able to make it, go knock down your barriers and get your trainers on!


If you have any questions or for more information and advice feel free to get in touch.


Alex Cann

AC Running and Fitness – Cheshire’s Running and Fitness Coach

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