Gait Analysis

It’s far more than just find out what type of trainers to buy.

I offer in depth Gait and foot analysis which can identify whether you are neutral, pronator or supinator.

I can also spot weaknesses and imbalances elsewhere that could lead to injury in the future.

I can also offer ways to correct these weaknesses through strength training and technique development.

A stand alone Gait and foot analysis is only £15


FREE when you purchase any Race Package.

To book yours today get in get in touch here

Cheshire’s Personalised Running, Fitness and Lifestyle Coach

Ever thought about having your very own personal running coach?

Think it’s just for the professionals or that you’ll never be able to afford your own coach?

Think differently.

There is a way I could help you…

  • I help people achieve their PB.
  • I encourage people to achieve their potential.
  • I motivate people to get out the door.
  • I show people how to run correctly.
  • I strengthen people safely to reduce injury and enhance performance.
  • I get people to enjoy running, being fit, active and lead healthy lifestyles.
  • I get people to go from nothing to a fit efficient runner!


AC Running & Fitness is a honest, reliable and friendly service that will always keep your best interests at heart.

I want you to achieve your dreams, lead a fit and healthy lifestyle and enjoy running.

I offer individual sessions, pair sessions, race packages, lifestyle packages and will run regular group sessions.

Whatever you are wanting to do I can design it for you!